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Hot Sale Radar thread carve Absorbable Collagen Based Lifting Thread Protein thread Carving for anti wrinkle serum Facial skin

Feature; Silk fibroin line extracted from silk protein line with high purity. This silk fibroin has strong elasticity, good toughness, is insoluble in water, and is highly consistent with the skin fiber structure. It is a kind of lytic enzyme extracted from the body of silkworm. The protein line is fully dissolved into a liquid state, and is introduced into the dermis layer by the instrument. Under the action of the skin temperature, the liquid silk fibroin turns into a solid silk fibroin, thereby firmly pulling a stretch net in the skin, giving the skin a powerful force. Support, while stimulating the skin's fibrosis, deep into the skin, stimulate collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization, regenerate the connective tissue scaffold for sustained support, while the skin restores elasticity and fine lines disappear Product introduction No knives, no needles, no broken skin, no redness 1.The use of non-polluting ecological natural plant extracts ofprotein sugar, peptide, oligosaccharide, nano-scale hyaluronicacid, natural silk protein peptide and cell activating factor andother components. 2.The small molecule active ingredient extracted by professional.purification technology can quickly enter the dermis layer of theskin. 3.Leaves skin hydrated and supple, with a lustrous, firming effectthat enhances lightening and fine lines and brightens skin tone.

What is protein thread?

Specially added gold components, silk extract, bird’s nest extract, fusion polypeptide components, small molecule active peptides are extracted through biological enzyme dissolution technology, the skin can be absorbed well, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%, and the silk is rich, Lightly nourish and lift up vertically and horizontally, consolidate young skin texture, enhance skin firmness, improve skin fine lines, and make skin firmer

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, retain youth

Smooth out forehead lines Fades eye wrinkles Enhance apple muscle Lift the corners of the mouth Lift the contour of the chin

Say goodbye to surgical pain

Needleless carving

how to use

After cleansing, spray the gold liquid evenly on the face The protein thread is attached to the cheek and forehead along the skin texture Use gold liquid spray on the gold line to massage and absorb