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100% New, Fashion Design, Higher Tensile Strength Change the look of your sofa today, with a changing sofa cover Super suit stretch sofa cover 1/ 2/ 3 /4 seat sofa sofa cover Not only can this sofa protect your furniture, make sure it lasts for years, and          it can also create a modern style that matches the more expensive interior          decoration.   Name: Waterproof all-inclusive stretch sofa cover Material: 95% Polyester fibre +5% spandex Size: 40x40cm(Cushion cover)/90-140cm (S code) /145-185cm (M code) / 190-230cm (L code) /235-300cm (XL  code)/customized size Seats are suitable for sofa size range   Package Included: 1pc sofa cover  40x40cm 1piece = Cushion Cover x 1piece Sofa length between 90-140cm choice S code; Sofa length between 145-185cm choice M code; Sofa length between 190-230cm choice L code; Sofa length between 230-300cm choice XL code High quality anti-skid bars help you stabilize the sofa set.   If you don't know which model you choose, please contact us. Note: All prices are one piece, no sofa pillow     Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_03 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_04 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_05 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_03 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_04 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_05 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_06 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_07 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_06_08 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_07_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_07_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_08_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_08_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_09_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_09_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_10_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_10_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_11_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_11_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_12_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_12_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_13_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_13_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_14_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_14_02 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_15_01 Waterproof-elastic-sofa-cover_15_02