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1.Product Name: Delta cnc controller NEW1000MDCa 4 axis milling cnc system / controller

2. Axis: 4 axis  

3.Application: milling, router, drilling, special machine tools


990MDca-31000MDca-4+A sub1000MDca-4+A sub

Product features

★Adapt bus modbus technology, ARM + DSP + FPGA technology

★USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB (NEW)

★Network remote technology and could diagnose the system online (NEW)

★User's storage is 128M and could be infinite number of program (NEW)

★Abosolute type of motor (17bits multi circle) controlling technology (NEW)

★The most moving rapid speed is 300m/min, processing speed reaches 0.01 ~ 30m/min (NEW)

★The cycle of interpolation is 2ms, controlling accuracy is 0.1um (NEW)

★All closed-loop with grating ruler control and the accuracy is <2um (NEW)

★Preread the short line program to satisfy with high speed engraving and cutting (NEW)

★Intelligent Man-Machine dialog interface (NEW)






Packing & Delivery

1.Industrial packing: plastic bag +styrofoam+ carton +wooden pallets
2.Commercial packing: plastic bag+styrofoam+ carton
3.As the clients' requirement
Delivery Detail: Normally ready goods and stock within 1-3days

1. Special logistics packaging   2. Suitable carton size   3. Shock bubble film   4. Professional placement   5. Professional shock   6. Complete package Our Certifications

Our product after strict many test and examine

Our purpose:

Make the most practical ideal CNC system 

Casting the high-quality goods to service the world


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