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Under normal circumstances the afternoon16:30Photographed before the goods we will promptly arrange the day of issue,In case of out of stock or other special circumstancesWe will be the first time to contact you.16:30afterOrderDepending on the time of day.

Express pick-up time is generally around 18:00, (All delivery day onlyExpress groupWrite, small place no way. )forSF especially urgent thing we can only issue around 6:00, Such as can not wait, please do not find another home,We do not take urgent! ! !

Note:All express generallyScan input delays caused by site and distanceUsually the same day will be displayed Write 5-6 points 9-10 points, please do not misunderstand 9-10 o'clock hair pieces.

Electronic components Service: a small shop sold a few electronic components are not responsible for the maintenance or debugging results of the buyers. Buyers not to electrical appliances to be repaired or if your DIY success as a quality standard, which please note that buyers, the buyer will bear all the shipping back and forth when generating return.(For return shipping buyers do not agree with other friends can find a new home purchase, we are also very reluctant to drop ......)


After ◆ express delivery, please unpacking inspection re-sign. Because in some areas the courier receipt can not not unpacking, but also the first to sign, but when the courier surface unpacking receipt, once the lack of damage, please immediately rejected and let the courier at the signing description, according to the express orders immediately phone the sender to contact the owner, the owner to deal with, once the sign, as items lossless missing, after the responsibility will also be supported buyers (in the case signed on behalf of friends, friends can be ordered).



Please for your website to buy insurance,Please buy 0.5 yuan freight Insurance!When buying goods, please purchase return shipping insurance.

Since the return freight generated by all insurance companies bear!


This return shipping insurance only0.5 yuan -0.8 yuan! So buyers friends to actively buy!