Universal 5M Car Styling Flexible Neon Light Strip for Toyota Corolla RAV4 Yaris Honda Civic CRV Nissan Tiida Accessories | Автомобили и

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Flexible and water resistant,can be bent into any shape and cut into any length

Can offer 360 degrees of illumination

Energy saving,long life time,Life time more than 15,000 hours

Wire Diameter:2.3mm

Wire Length:5 meters

Working temperature:-40_+80

12V Inverter,Input voltage DC12V(Lights itself is 110V)


1. Free bending: Paste or suspension, can be made in any graphics,length can be cut, easy to install.

2. Long lifespan: Low-power electrode Wire practical and safe, waterproof, no radiation, lifespan up to 10000 hours.

3. Soft light does not  dazzle: Driving safety is guaranteed,and very fashionable, improve your driving fun, environmentally friendly,green,low energy


4. Wide use, Multi color optional: Wide range of applications, available at the door, center console, steering wheel, seat, seat belts,

instrument boxes and other places, allowing you to forget the hard driving.

5. The product does not require glue, plugs direct into the side of a door or center console,easy installation! Do not worry about gum paste after


Installation Notes:

(New) band edge cold light "cold light with the side! The product does not require glue, plug directly into the side door or in the gap in the dashboard ,

trouble-free installation!

Do not worry posted after traces of glue, is preferred independent owners installed! each cold light all with independently driven, free connection

lights interface can cut excess or hidden inside the trim panel

Light bar diameter 2.3MM, 5MM with sewing edge, the installation more convenient (console that plugs directly into the slit edges, no gum paste)

Instructions for use:

Cold light must be connected with the drive to use, and can not be connected directly to the power supply.

Cold light can use double-sided tape or glue fixed and then in the car.

Cold light can cut use, cut the part can be discarded, ownership length does not affect the use of the remaining part of the.

If you can not use after cutting, because cutting lead to short circuit, so you once again cut a small part is OK

Note buy:

According to the different decoration, The car console needs 2~5 meters, Each door needs   1~2 meters.  


When this power inverter works,it will make a little buzz hum sound.

It is a normal situation,it doesn't bother you!please inform that.

If you are perfectionist,please don't order it.

Package included:

5 Meters Wire

1x 12V Inverter