YAZH Android 8.1 Tesla style Car GPS Multimedia For Toyota Fortuner 2007-2015 With 12.1" IPS Display Bluetooth 5.0 Carplay | Автомобили

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Description :

1) For Toyota Fortuner 2007-2015

2) Pure Android O.S. 8.1 system with RAM 4GB, Flash Memory 32GB.

3) Support DSP.

4) Big HD TFT LCD screen with 1024*768 pixels resolution and 32-color display.

5) Built-in GPS/A-GPS/Glonass navigation, and support multiple navigation applications.

6) Multiple audio video formats supported: MP3, DIVX, Mp3, MP4, MP5(RM ,RMVB(1280*720P), AVI and JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JIF,etc.

7) Picture-in-Picture display, Pop-up/floating video play, Split-screen mode supported.

8) Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free call making and music streaming, support A2DP and Bluetooth OBDII.

9) Built-in WiFi and support external 3G/4G dongle via USB for internet access.

10) Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner with RDS, and up to 36 preset radio stations with radio response bandwidth

11) Support iPod ready stereo, external USB flash, SD cards.

12) Support multiple options like TPMS, Rear Camera, DAB+ receiver, Rear View Camera, Digital TV Receiver, DVR/Aux, etc.

13) Electronic and mechanical anti-shock design.

14) Pin-to-Pin connectors and standard wiring harnesses for plug&play.

15) Operation Temperature: -20°C+75°C

16) Support Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Irish, German etc.

*Support Car Streeting Wheel Control Support original Steering Wheel Control, bring more fun to the driving
*Support Carplay/ Android Auto Apple CarPlay & Android Auto supported NOTE: need additional CarPlay kit by USB, pls click the following image to visit YAZH's CarPlay kit.
*Support Mirror Link Built-in Mirror-Link for connection with smart phones by EasyConnect
*Support Multi-Media Support multiple Multi-media formats
*Support Dual Zone passengers at the rear seats can watch DVD or TV while the driver uses Radio or GPS simultaneously
*Support Online GPS Navigation Support GPS & Glonass Multiple navigation applications available
  RFQ   Q: How to check if this item fits my car?
A: Before placing your order, kindly share information of the car with us, like the car model and year, while if some original car dashboard photos, that would be much better.   Q: What are the warranty terms?
A: 15-day return after the delivery while the buyer pay for the shipping cost of the returning. 12 months warranty services if not malicious damage.   Q: Does it come with rear camera video input?
A: Yes, camera video input is available for all YAZH head units. For some car models, even support original rear camera and 360 panoramic system. Check with us for that before order please if any further details needed.   Q: Should I pay for the Customs tariffs?
A: The buyer need to finish the customs clearance before getting the goods, and pay for the tariffs if any.   Q: Will it come with digital mobile TV receiver? A: All YAZH head units support digital TV receiver input by RCA jack, while the buyer needs to pay additionally for the TV receiver if needed. Contact us for more details of the TV receiver please before order if you need the receiver.   Q: Do I need buy additional trim plate to install the head unit?
A: No, all YAZH head units come with corresponding fascia frame to perfectly fit the car dash, and the buyer could install it to the car directly while no additional trim plate needed.   Q: Will my original Steering Wheel Control work after the unit installed?
A: Yes, sure all YAZH head units come with built-in Steering Wheel Control (SWC), and in some cases, some SWC buttons need to be re-defined manually. Contact us for instruction of the setting in those cases.   Q: Do I need buy additional accessories to install the unit?
A: No, all YAZH head units are plug & play, and come with its wiring harnesses for what the installation needs.   About YAZH