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Pixhawk 2.1 Open Source Flight Control Multi-Rotor Vertical Takeoff and Landing PIX Flight Control GPS


Flexible modular design
Compatible with RTK GPS and multiple GPS
Triple Redundant IMU System
Isolation, temperature control IMU

Main design points:

Built-in IMU heating system allows flight at extreme temperatures. (below freezing point)
Rugged DF17 interface connector for drop and impact resistance
Fuselage: vertical take-off and landing aircraft, aircraft, multi-role aircraft, traditional helicopters, vagrants, boats, small, general-purpose robots

pixhawk 2 cube:

isolated and weakened imu.

The separated IMU and FMU system can effectively reduce the interference to the sensor.
The foam effectively filters high-frequency vibrations and reduces noise to IMU measurements.
Triple Redundant IMU System

3x accelerometer
3x gyroscope
3x magnetometer
Three-fold barometer
Modular flight controller

Modular cube design is simple. All inputs/outputs are in a single DF17 connector, so users can use different carrier boards for specific applications or designs and make their own carrier boards easy.

Pixhawk 2 boards:

ADC port
Dedicated Spektrum RX port
Port I2C
8-way special photoelectric output
2 can ports
2 telemetry port
2 Power Port
8 GPIO tnat can also be used for PWM